Big Data Engineer

Company teamPosition

Our client is a software company delivering precisely engineered software solutions standing on the principles of machine learning, artificial intelligence, physical security and resource optimization. The client provides end to end solutions for startups, established companies and government organizations.

What type of projects would you be working on?

Currently, we are looking for a software engineer with experience in processing big data sets. We do expect at least some knowledge in software engineering using some of the following languages: Python, Java, Scala. Also we expect keen interest/knowledge in technologies used for streaming/processing of big data like Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, Apache Flink and others.

The projects we are working on are distributed analytics platforms in cybersecurity, automotive, banking. We develop solutions which detect anomalous behaviour, classify the networking traffic or schedule production in large factories.

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do 300€/MD


Software House

Company team

Company teamRequirements

We are looking for someone with:

● Master's degree in Computer Science or related technical field or equivalent practical experience

● Experience with programming in Python/Java/Scala

● Strong analytical skills

● Experience with big data technologies such as Apache Spark, Apache Flink, Apache Samza, ApacheKafka, ...

● Experience with big data processing platforms like Cloudera

● Experience with cloud environments - AWS, Azure

● Experience with being part of a SW development team delivering into production

● Fluent English

● Passion, self-improvement mindset and hardworking attitude

What do we offer:

● A motivated and friendly team full of highly qualified experts

● Opportunity to participate in the growth of young startup - you learn faster than in the corporate environment

● Interesting work on different types of projects for different clients

● Responsibility for your own work

● Great location in the Prague city center (Karlín) with remote setup possible

What do we expect:

Ability to learn fast - you are not afraid of understanding new libraries and frameworks, reading a journal paper, or peaking into bleeding edge technologies.

Strong experience with coding - You speak better Java/Scala/Python than your native language or strive to learn these.

Analytical skills and mathematical reasoning - you like to solve complex technical or scientific problems.

Willingness to work hard - you will be solving complex problems, often in a unique/novel way. It will be difficult to come up with a solution, it will take time and you might iterate the approach multiple times. We expect that you understand this and you are willing to push your knowledge and to work hard to solve these problems. However, in the end, that's where your motivation and satisfaction comes from.

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