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Our client is currently expanding their Platform team and we are looking for a new colleague to join as a DevOps Engineer.

About your team:

The vision of the Platform Team is to identify and implement opportunities to achieve a robust, reliable and efficient infrastructure and development platform. They strongly support DevOps culture: each team is responsible for releasing, operating and monitoring their own applications.

The role of the Platform Team is to provide a strong foundation upon which all teams can build, for example, manage big infrastructure components like Kubernetes, databases and cloud components mostly in Google Cloud. An important role of the team is also providing support for developers, reviewing design proposals, validating the performance and availability of applications, and sometimes even developing new core application components like logging or authorization.

Tasks and responsibilities:

- Work with other Engineering teams to achieve well-designed, sustainable infrastructure, microservice solutions and efficient and robust production environment

- Deploy and automate infrastructure & platform services in Public Clouds using Infrastructure as Code

- A big part of the daily routine is programming, either in Python or Golang, therefore, fluency in or the will to learn those languages is desirable

- Automate tools to perform routine system administration tasks, systematically reducing manual toil

- Monitor applications and services within the environments, take actions to resolve issues and implement strategies to prevent future occurrences

- Participate in an on-call rotation as required. Be available to help with critical internal infrastructure and operations issues

- Display a passion for constant learning of new product features, technologies, and customer operational practices. Seek out information from peers about changes and document findings

- Be creative, take your own initiative and solve challenging problems

What you might like about this role:

Current projects and challenges:

- Focus on security in Kubernetes

- Auditlog and SIEM

- Infrastructure for automatized E2E tests

- Pushing automatization and reducing unnecessary toil

Tech stack:

- Python, Golang, C++

- Kubernetes, Ansible, Terraform, Gitlab

- Google Cloud, GCP Pub/Sub, GCP Bigtable, GCP BigQuery, GRPC  

- Nginx, Envoy, Hashicorp Vault, Open Policy Agent

- MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL, Influxdb, Etcd, Kafka, Zookeeper

- Prometheus, Grafana, Sentry

Contract Type

B2B / Full Time Job






2500 - 3500 EUR/Month


Infomation Technology

Company team

Company teamRequirements

Expectations of the candidate:

- Knowledge of at least one compiled or interpreted language is a must, Python or Golang preferred

- Managing and operating 24×7 production Kubernetes clusters on Google (or AWS/Azure…), deploying, debugging

- Experience with setting up monitoring, configuring alerts, on-duty experience preferred, experience with Grafana and Prometheus preferred

- Experience with DevOps, Orchestration/Configuration Management and Continuous Integration technologies eg. terraform, GitLab, ansible, docker…

- Preferred experience with cloud-native systems, experience in code-based configuration, load-balancing, auto-scaling, monitoring, networking, security and problem solving

- Deep understanding of modern database systems, including caching, application of NoSQL, Key/Value, and RDBMS datastores, MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch, PostgreSQL are preferred, basic knowledge of cloud-based systems (BigQuery, BigTable, Cloud SQL…)

- Basic knowledge of microservices, RESTful services, GRPC, API development, and Message Brokers

- Basic knowledge of modern software architecture principles, distributed development and modern software integration practices

- Deep understanding of the DevOps philosophy or SRE

- Ability to provide technical guidance and educate team members and coworkers on development and operations

- A passion for constantly learning new technologies, trends and opportunities

- Excellent written and verbal communication skills, English required 

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