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About client: we bring games and studios to their maximum potential. With our technology and solutions we bring our partners to the level of performance their product deserves. We help them attract and retain valuable, engaged and happy users, and scale games growth to unexpected heights.

We are defining a new way of running games performance, and are the provider of choice for many of the leading games studios. If you play games, you have most likely played our clients games.

We are also leading the world of gaming into one of their logical and exciting developments and helping games transition to a blockchain-centric world, where NFTs and crypto co-exist with proper, interesting and engaging gaming experiences.

To continue our exponential growth we are bringing-in high performing and ambitious team players, whether an avid gamer or not (we’ll show you, there will be no way back): we are a B2B tech business above anything. We are enthusiastic and gung-ho about games but super- serious about our clients-partners success.

Company is looking for a full-stack engineer to join our R&D team. In R&D they build products that allow game developers and data scientists to process analytics data from mobile games using their state of the art data processing pipelines and feed results of their machine-learning algorithms back into the game to improve user-experience and game revenue.

With clients such as EA or Lego, your code may affect millions of players and can have a huge impact on company revenue.

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Full Time Job




Bratislava + HO


From 2 800€



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Company teamRequirements

Your Responsibilities

- Development of new data connectors to third party services

- UX / UI improvements, bug fixes and new features based on user’s feedback and our roadmap

- Technical improvements of the solution including our CI/CD pipelines

What we like / use

- Typescript, MongoDB, NodeJS, NestJS, Angular

- Google Cloud Platform; we use it extensively for everything from processing data to storing Docker images

- Agile development; we set up our process ourselves

- Broken windows theory; we keep things clean

- Getting things done; we ship code often and refactor ruthlessly

- Automated testing; in a small team of engineers, we cannot waste time NOT writing tests

- Continuous integration/delivery; we use Docker, part of data-processing heavily uses microservices

- Our data scientists that write the SQL queries and machine learning algorithms, so we don’t have to


- 3 years of experience with full-stack development

- Familiarity with at least 3 of the technologies we use and willingness to learn the rest

- Typescript, or ability to convince us that we don’t want it

- Ability to self-manage

- Quick learner

- English on an active level


- Full day tasty and rich meals including breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack at your disposition every working day - provided by us for you for free

- WE DO CARE ABOUT YOUR WELLBEING - choose from a wide variety of weekly trainings from functional to pilates or yoga - for free, right at our offices.

- Free gym and showers at the offices

- Table tennis and table football

- Bike house for those friendly to the environment

- Spacy terrace with a wonderful view to chill with colleagues

- With wonderful new offices located in SKY PARK in Bratislava’s old town you won’t have any trouble with transportation and many services are right on the spot

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