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Our client develops and sell turn-by-turn voice guided GPS navigation for a wide range of mobile devices. His software is delivered worldwide in more than 30 languages. He is working together with map industry leaders for supreme mapping support. His customers are considered a part of  development family. They listen and respond to suggestions about application and ideas for features from our customers, to create the best product possible.

Do you want to work on exciting projects with world car brands? (VW, Stellantis, BMW..). In addition to working on our stable products, we are working on modern solutions that shape the future of automotive and proof of concepts that could be integrated into your own car one day.

Do you want to participate in the most modern automotive relative technologies for embedded solutions for standard, electric, and hydrogen cars? Learn from the first-class developers and shift your knowledge to a higher level. If you have experience with the development of native applications (own or corporate projects), send us the link to your project.

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from 2000€



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Almost nothing surprises you in Swift, and you like to try other iOS compatible technologies (Objective C, Core Data, RxSwift)

You know what's hidden under the iOS SDK.

You understand iOS architecture components (MVVM, structs, protocols,...)

Your knowledge of Git is on a good level.

You are constructive and don't await instructions. Instead, you develop a proposal to solve the problem or improvement.

It is an advantage if you have experience with Cocoapods or Fastlane

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