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Our client is a software company delivering precisely engineered software solutions standing on the principles of machine learning, artificial intelligence, physical security and resource optimization. They are providing end to end solutions for startups, established companies and government organizations.

Our client helps companies to identify areas suitable for the application of AI, define the problem, it’s scope, best approach and data required. They are able to quickly dive into data and understand it’s quality and suitability. Then they build a proof of concept demonstrating the viability of the approach as well as the added value of a potential solution while maintaining the investment as well as the risk low. After successful validation, they deploy their engineers and deliver a production-ready software solution with a complete user interface, seamless integration with your infrastructure as well as appropriate SLAs.

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Od 200 €/MD


Software solutions

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Our client is looking for a software engineer who will work on the implementation of a large-scale multi-tenant application using JVM technologies. The application is expected to process a significant amount of data in close to real-time. The project is being carried out in close cooperation with a cybersecurity company developing user/entity behaviour analytics system running in Kubernetes.

Required Tech Skills:

  • Java, Kotlin, Scala

  • Strong analytical skills

  • Interest in big data technologies (Apache Spark, Apache Flink, Apache Samza, Apache Kafka, ...)

  • Fluent English

            Team size:

            Depending on the project. Standart structure is: Team Lead - Project Mng - 3 to 10 devs

            Hiring proces:

            1. round - short welcoming check 
            2. round - tech round

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