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Provision, deploy, manage, and program networks with software-defined networking. In this centralized approach to network management, the underlying network infrastructure is abstracted from applications. Software Defined Networks (SDN) provides choice in automation and programmability across data centers SD-LAN, campuses, and wide-area networks SD-WAN. The role of SDN in cloud computing lets users respond quickly to changes. SDN management makes network configuration more efficient and improves network performance and monitoring. Candidate will be responsible to design new solution to fulfill customer requirements and to execute functionality testing and implementation of the developed solution. The role includes consultancy with operational teams, analysis of customer demands, conversion of the requirements into a technical specification.



  • Design, develop, and enable deployment of a software-defined network architecture for the global compute platform.

  • Identify and evaluate the integration of new technologies for the SD-WAN including additional automation to respond to shifting demand, dynamic reconfiguration to address security threats, and analysis of traffic patterns to predict future needs.

  • Keep abreast of latest developments of SDN, container networking fields and evaluate cutting edge technologies and introduce new features to constantly improve operational reliability, security, scalability and performance of the network platform.

  • Create and execute test-cases for new solution to enable quality testing of this solution.

  • Develop architecture, design specification of network components and actively participate in peer review of other platform components.

  • Architect and design APIs to expose platform services to end users.

  • Troubleshoot complex network performance issues with other network engineers to identify root cause and recommend solutions.

  • Collaborate with other squads within Deutsche Telekom Group organization on services and applications integration and optimization, advising on optimal use of SD-WAN resources to meet customer needs.

  • Exercise agile methodologies through all phases of software development.

  • Contribute to white paper, reference architecture, platform and API documentation.

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Freelance (B2B) Full Time




Full Remote


2500-6000 EUR/m



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What You'll Be Doing

We are looking for someone who capable of:

  • Knowledge of WAN technologies including BGP and other routing protocols, MPLS, tunneling, QoS, and SD-WAN technology.

  • Understanding of core Network technologies (Routing, Switching, Firewalls, etc.).

  • Hands-on knowledge with scripting, preferably shell (Bash) and Python.

  • Understanding of SDN architecture and technology (control plane, data plane, management plane, orchestration) and experience with open source or commercial SDN controllers.

  • Understanding of VLAN and tunneling technologies such as VXLAN, GRE.

  • Experience with virtualization, VPNs, and APIs.

  • Knowledge of DevOps processes and automation.

  • Experience with database management systems, including SQL and NoSQL DBMS, such as Postgress, MangoDB, ArangoDB.

  • Expertise of YAML and Jason data format.

  • Knowledge of message bus/queue systems such as Kafka, RabbitMQ.

  • Understanding of network management tools/protocols such as snmp, snmp traps, and syslog.

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