Product owner

Company teamPosition

Client is a technology and consultancy company servicing industry involved in the development and operation of solar power plants. We provide meteorological data, energy evaluation software and technical consultancy for evaluation and management of solar power production.

Job description, responsibilities and duties

• Collect and prioritize business requirements from internal and external stakeholders
• Support technical and business team in product commercialization
• Help customer support team with technical inquiries and issues
• Lead product demonstrations and trainings
• Cooperate closely with other projects/team members to gather their requirements and support them in using the product
• Identify dependencies cross products and proactively act on them
• Stay up to date on global solar energy industry needs – closely cooperate with company business representatives and technical experts
• Stay up to date on IT trends and company priorities
• Contribute to the development of innovative principles and ideas

Contract Type

B2B / Full Time Job




Bratislava + HO


from 2000



Company team

Company teamRequirements

• University degree in IT or similar
• Experience working in similar role
• Ability to efficiently communicate difficult technical concepts to business team and customers
• Ability to transform business requirements to technical requirements and prioritize them
• Good presentation and communication skills (both written and oral)
• Problem-solving and analytical skills
• Experience with agile development
• Experience with Jira or similar
• Excellent communication skills in English

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