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Company who helps clients maximize profits and optimize marketing spend by targeting the right customers with the right content at the right time is currently expanding Data Pipeline team and is looking for a new colleague as Python Developer.


Job description:


  • Rewrite components of pipeline to be more robust and scalable;

  • Decompose existing monolithic app into set of microservices;

  • Introduce Quality of Service guarantees;

  • Increase throughput of data imports and exports;

  • Improve monitoring and visibility of our systems;

  • Tech stack:

    • Python, Go;

    • Apache Kafka;

    • Kubernetes;

    • Prometheus;

    • MongoDB, Redis, Postgres, Elasticsearch;

    • GCP.

Contract Type

B2B / Full Time Job






from 3 000 €/Full time or from 3 700 €/Contract



Company team

Company teamRequirements



  • Ability to write clean and concise code in Python and eagerness to learn more (medior / senior experience);

  • Experience with developing complex distributed software systems with production quality deployment, monitoring and reliability;

  • Familiarity with large-scale distributed storage and database systems (SQL or NoSQL, e.g., Postgres, MongoDB, Redis, Elasticsearch) ;

  • Solid grasp on good software engineering practices such as code reviews, deep focus on quality and documentation;

  • Ability and willingness to deep dive into and comprehend large codebases;

  • Ability and willingness to troubleshoot and debug technical issues inside a deep and complex technical stack;

  • Team spirit and blameless attitude;

  • Experience with Go or C++;

  • Experience with building and maintaining real-time complex data processing; pipelines (e.g., using Kafka, NATS, PubSub).



  • Talent development thanks to Leader & People Development Programs:

  • Communication and soft skill development provided by our resident coach and ex-McKinsey communication strategist;

  • People Development Program to help everyone grow;

  • Leader Development Program to support managers in empowering their team members;

  • A great deal of freedom and trust;

  • Flexible working hours;

  • Remote work and home office are popular;

  • Reward based on your commitment and capabilities;

  • Lunch budget;

  • Referral bonus for helping find more A-players like yourself;

  • Friendly atmosphere and motivated colleagues who like what they do.

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