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Our client is a software company delivering precisely engineered software solutions standing on the principles of machine learning, artificial intelligence, physical security and resource optimization. They are providing end to end solutions for startups, established companies and government organizations.


Our client helps companies to identify areas suitable for the application of AI, define the problem, it’s scope, best approach and data required. They are able to quickly dive into data and understand it’s quality and suitability. Then they build a proof of concept demonstrating the viability of the approach as well as the added value of a potential solution while maintaining the investment as well as the risk low. After successful validation, they deploy their engineers and deliver a production-ready software solution with a complete user interface, seamless integration with your infrastructure as well as appropriate SLAs.



What you will do:

 As a part of a larger team, help build products(s) that protect users privacy and identity

 Build new and maintain current infrastructure and ensure high availability

 Continuously improve monitoring and automation tools (we hate repetitive manual tasks)

to ensure that

 Optimize the platform with performance and costs in mind

 Cooperate with developers on the development and troubleshooting of new and current

features, acting as an authority for infrastructure specific tasks

 Be an equal partner with developers, when deciding on backend architecture and used


 Prepare PoCs and technical demos for potentially useful technologies

 Solve complicated technical problems, especially those that are hard to google

 Support developers in continuous integration and deployment.

Contract Type







150-250eur/ MD rate


Software Solutions

Company team

Company teamRequirements

What we expect from you:

 Experience with cloud-based technologies including SaaS solutions in the cloud (AWS,


 Good knowledge of GNU/Linux operating systems

 Proficiency in scripting languages Shell (BASH), Python

 Experience with CI/CD pipelines and associated technologies (preferably TeamCity / Kotlin


 Knowledge of basic networking (ping, traceroute, DNS)

 Experience with config management tools (eg. Puppet, Ansible)

 Docker/Kubernetes experience is a plus

 Experience with Openstack or other virtualization automation tools is a plus

 English written and spoken

 Understanding and compassion for colleagues such as PMs, developers, and other team 

members who constantly need your help.


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