Refer your friends and be rewarded

Do you know any qualified friends or colleagues looking for work? Our Referral Program rewards you for bringing up     IT-specialists who can apply for our agency

How to make a refferal?

Step 1:  Make sure that you have your friend's permission to pass on their details
Step 2: Fill out the referral form below, providing your contact details as well as that of the candidate you want to refer
Step 3:  If you referral success in getting a job via, you will receive a reward based on the type of position as soon as the candidate finishes the probation period. 
One can make unlimited number of referrals

What are the rewards?

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Apple Watch Series 6

We will reward you with an Apple Watch series 6 when you refer a candidate that we place in a Junior position.

Requirements: 1-3 years experience

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Apple iPad Air (2020)

We will reward you with an Apple iPad Air (2020) when you refer a candidate that we place in a Medior position.

Requirements: 3-5 years experience

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max

We will reward you with an Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max when you refer a candidate that we place in a Senior position.

Requirements: 5+ years experience

Referral Form

Upload Referral CV (CV or LinkedIn is mandatory)
(CV or LinkedIn is mandatory)

Referral FAQs

Who are we looking for?

We are particularly interested in candidates specialising in the development, testing, DevOps, project management, analytics, scrum mastery, consultancy, and other similar IT fields. We are open to individuals with varying degrees of seniority.

What are the conditions? 

The requirement for you to get a reward is that your friend successfully joins a project. If your friend stays at the position for their trial period, the reward is yours! 

What can my friend expect once I have recommended him/her?

Your friend will be contacted by the recruitment team. The team will lead them through the entire process, establishing base expectations and the interview. Your friend will get to experience full recruitment.

Does my friend have to be looking for a job right now?

No, not at all! Even if your friend is not ready to join a project just yet, or it takes us a little time to place them appropriately, you are still eligible for the reward. Your “ownership” is 12 months from the moment you refer your friend or colleague. 

How high is the reward?

The final reward depends on the referred candidate and their level of seniority. This is decided case by case.

Will my friend know I recommended them?

Yes, they will. They will be automatically notified that they were referred by you and added to our database. On top of that, they will be given the information about the next step - a phone call with a dedicated recruiter.

What is the necessary information for the referral program?

There is not much that we need from you. You can give us either: 
a) candidate’s CV, phone number, email address 
b) candidate’s LinkedIn profile, phone number, email address
The easiest way is to fill out the referral form above!