5G Will Change the Way We Work

Ultra-fast wireless isn't just for mobile phones and gaming. It will also transform the way we work.

As the Covid-19 pandemic has forced social distancing to take over most of our lives, many affected companies enforce the work from home policies to the employees to increase their productivity, boost revenue, and satisfy their customers. But due to this condition, many technical concerns have arisen from working at home, as like the low quality of the Wi-Fi network, leading to a slowdown of internet speed, digital interruptions, low-quality video calls, etc.

5G has a solution for these problems. So, what is 5G all about?

5G stands for the fifth generation. All that means is that the fifth standard for how cellular networks operate. It still works similarly to 4G, with all devices being connected to networks through radio waves via antennas. But what makes 5G special, is that the communication standard can handle a much greater bandwidth. It has a more advanced cellular operating structure that can handle more devices frequencies globally, making everything faster and better

According to the Consumer Technology Association, when 5G is done completely, it will be  100 times faster and five times more responsive than our current networks. A download speed of 20 gigabits-per-second, means 5G will enable more specialised tasks in the workplace such as:

  • Holding remote meetings in virtual spaces with a smallar possiblity of issues and remote trouble shootings

  • Interactive digital whiteboards – 5G enables transmitting a multitude of data at great speed and responsively. Therefore digital displays will be able to interact with mobile devices, applications, and cameras.

  • Virtual and augmented reality – with 5G, it will provide a more immersive & interactive content experience to make it a recognised collaborative technology.

  • 5G will enhance highly data-intensive services, such as multiperson video conferencing.

  • 5G will empower IoT by allowing real-time collaboration between employees and other

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