How To Be More Productive When Working From Home

3 Tips How To Improve Your Working From Home

Working from home sounds like a dream for many people. Imagine waking up late, having your coffee in the morning without any rushing, saving the time you would normally spend in busy traffic jams with lots of stress and nervousness. Currently, most of the population around the world experienced working from home due to COVID-19 however, it is not always so ideal and easy as it seems.

Nowadays a big number of companies work remotely. But even before the outbreak reports were showing that more people and more were working from home. According to a report done by the Global Workplace Analytics report, there was a 159% increase in remote work between 2005 and 2017. 

Many business leaders think it is simple to going remote, nevertheless working remotely can present many challenges and difficulties such as fewer social opportunities, lack of structured daily routines, connection problems, lack of productivity. When you’re constantly in the comfort of home, it also can be a little hard to motivate yourself.  

Here we give you some tips for successful working from home!

1. Create a daily routine 

This is the first essential step to success. Just like in the office try to set a structured daily routine with set hours and scheduled tasks for yourself. Stick to it on a daily basis. Don’t forget to include lunch time and small breaks to refresh. 

2. Separate work and home

One of the most difficult parts about working remotely is to separate your work from your home-life. To avoid imbalance, stick to the schedule you’ve set for yourself and when you’re outside of these hours, disconnect from work.  

3. Recognize destructions  

When you’re working from home you can get easily distracted more often than you’d like to. Recognize and take care of all distractions, house chores before you get back to work

Odoo • Image and TextWritten by Regina Bescy
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