How To Protect Yourself From Online Scam?

Find The Tips That Will Help You To Avoid Them!

Since digitalization began, most things are just a click a way. Nowadays most things can be found and done online. Everything from paying bills, shopping, connecting to your family and friends, or even finding the recipe you need for dinner.

So, let’s be honest -  We are very dependent on the internet.

There is no doubt about how digitalization changed our lives. However, as with every benefit the internet has given us let's not forget that it also brought some risks. From several dangers of diving into the digital world, online scam is on top of the list so. It is important to recognize it so we can avoid being one of the victims.

Phishing scam

This is one of the most common types of online fraud. Targeted people will receive a phone call, email or text messages that appear to be from a legitimate source like banks or online stores. Cybercriminals will trick the victim to provide their personal information such as bank details or passwords that can be valuable for them.

Fake shopping website

As the coronavirus rises, shopping malls are closed  and online shopping has been the go-to of many people. Scammers will set up websites with luxury products at a very low price. It can be also that you will receive the item you ordered, but it is fake or you will not get the product at all.

Dating scams

Scammers often use online dating sites or social media to find their victim. They would set up  accounts that use fake photos and names that they generated. They will gain the victim's trust and lure them to give their personal information. The word “catfishing” is the most used term nowadays. 

How to avoid an online scam?

  • Be cautious about your personal information like your username and passwords. Be aware of suspicious emails and if contains links, do not click on them.

  • Check reviews before purchasing anything and avoid any deals with a stranger who will ask for an upfront payment. Don’t store your credit card information online. 

  • Be careful about who are you adding as a friend and manage your network. 

  • Be discreet. 

  • Use a trusted anti-virus and antimalware programs. 

  • Avoid suspicious public Wi-Fi. 

Odoo • Image and TextWritten by Justine Eunice Valerio