Implementing the CRM / ERP platform Odoo into your Business

Finding the right apps for all key business processes can be a tedious and frustrating task. This includes business-related applications and modules such as CRM, Website builder, Ecommerce, Inventory, Purchasing, Accounting, Manufacturing, HRMS, and many more areas, where different apps often cannot be combined.

How can Odoo help?

One of many advantages of the CRM/ERP system Odoo is that it connects seamlessly more than 70 standard apps and thus the work of different departments, allowing employees to work together more efficiently. Many companies need an affordable business management solution to grow. Odoo’s integrated software can be upgraded with individual modules, is easily scalable, user-friendly, and affordable.

To take a critical look at the software, both advantages and disadvantages should be considered:


Odoo is available in two different versions. The so-called community version is free of charge and lets you use a wide range of features. On top of that, to be able to use advanced functions of the CRM system, there are inexpensive entry-level models available which depend on the individual usability.


Since Odoo is an open-cloud system, everything can be operated via the browser and stored centrally. It is also designed for optimal mobile usage from different devices. Odoo offers plenty of modules (30.000+) and implementable add-ons for individual business needs. However, what can happen with a high number of users is that the work processes become complex which requires customization of the software for which Odoo developers need to be consulted.

User experience

Odoo is easy to use and configure with just a few clicks. For more complex functions, however, some training time may be needed. Sometimes online demos are helpful for this.

In conclusion, it is advisable to compare Odoo with other providers or your previous systems, but the cost-effectiveness and numerous modules make Odoo an interesting solution for companies that need a shared CRM / ERP system for standard processes and want to customize functions according to their needs.

Written, by Clara Franziska Bachmann. Edited, by David Klic