Meet Synculario testing team!

In one of our latest posts on Social Media, you have the chance to meet our digital banking testers team, and today we are going to share a few more details about them!

Outsourcing is a common practice in many industries, including the IT industry and allows businesses to focus on core activities, while the outsourcing team carries out the project. In order to decide on the best possible business strategy, and reap the full benefits of outsourcing we want to make sure you get to know our team.

The Synculario test team carried out integration and regression testing for the back end and frontend app releases. The Team also performed functional and non-functional tests of the app features such as client onboarding, account creation, payments, card operations, and maintenance. The platform tested was a Cross-platform for iOS and Android Devices, various browsers, and call center apps. Our testing team's main focus is to provide the fulfillment of manual testing along with automation testing objectives including test analysis and preparation while performing SIT and UAT test activities.

About the Synculario testing team
  • Synculario testers are highly skilled, consistent, and ISTQB certified.

  • The team has worked together for a long time. Working together for a long time has many benefits as it creates stronger bonds and improves creativity and learning. Additionally, it improves professional performance.

  • The independent team ensures effortless onboarding, therefore, the team could start working immediately on an ongoing project.

  • During the previous projects, Synculario’s testing team delivered successful service on a high level and enhanced functionality and improved the quality of performance of the client.

  • Lastly, acquiring a testing team allows you control over costs of performance!

Strong teams such as the Synculario testing team increase efficiency, productivity and improve the overall quality of business.  

Written by, Natalija Josipović