News In The World of IT: The Evolution Or Rather Revolution?

How Newest Discoveries Transformed The IT World

In the past decade, the IT World has changed at a fast pace. Let’s look back and see some of the most important news from the past few years to show you how discoveries have transformed the IT world!

Cloud technology went broad The growth of cloud computing services has sped up the global economy, produced new ways of working, and empowered companies to support global markets. Five years ago, the cloud was full of complexity, however, the evolution of the cloud has helped us to remove the previous technology limitations. 

Agile methodologies and analytics tools made giant steps DevOps increase of collaboration between developers and operations to boost the number of editions from a few every year to numerous each day, allow IT to be more agile and dealing with the fast level of change.

Product Management instead of Project Management IT is not as simple as it was, that takes requirement from businesses and delivers it as prearranged model and idea. It is now more of a product-centric organization that collaborates with relevant trend leaders and service companies, optimizing technology to accomplish the vision of businesses.  

IoT and AI technologies providing business real value In the last 5 years, IoT lead us to real solutions, delivering businesses value, stepping over the hype. Smart sensors are enable predicting maintenance, meaning that equipment is going to be serviced when it is really needed, by this, resulting longer life period of the equipment. That empowers manufacturers to sell hours of service instead of products. The entire supply chain has been modernized, with the possibility to track products from factory to customer. It leads to better product quality and faster delivery time and more efficient transportation routes while lowering the costs and supporting the customer experience.

Odoo • Image and TextWritten by Regina Bescy
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