Pros And Cons Of Online Learning

What are the 3 pros and 3 cons?

Students’ and teachers’ approach towards online learning varies greatly from being enthusiastic to have several concerns. Due to COVID-19, this kind of education became the only option, although some people are still skeptical about its efficiency. be fully prepared to face the challenges of the online environment, both its advantages and disadvantages need to be considered.



Due to the lessons taking place digitally, students save not only the transportation costs but the costs of the textbooks, required for the course, as well, which can add up to a huge amount of expenses. 


 A great advantage of studying online is saving time due to its increased flexibility. It provides the possibility to study when, how, and where you prefer to while receiving the same amount of workload and gaining the same amount of knowledge.  


You do not need to worry about forgetting to bring an important document or essay to the lecture or lesson, as all you need for digital learning is your computer. It provides quick and simple access to all your necessary files, meetings, and lessons. 


Lack of motivation

E-learning requires a lot of self-motivation, therefore less ambitious and determined people might find it difficult to catch up with the rest of the class. As your work is not checked by your lecturer or teacher each lesson, your performance and your delivered results become more of your own responsibility.  

Lack of social interaction

 One of the biggest disadvantages of online learning is the lack of interpersonal communication and interaction, which can easily lead to social isolation. Furthermore, the students are more likely to find difficulty in improving their communication skills.

Bad consequences for health

Virtual learning has greatly increased the amount of time students spend in front of their computers or other electronic devices. Besides harming their eyes and spine, due to constantly sitting, it hurts their sleeping habits as well.

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