Reasons Why Women Should Pursue an IT Career

The existing gap between men and women in the IT industry does not seem to be narrowing, considering the underrepresentation of female candidates. According to a survey conducted in 2018, a mere 9.29% of women in Slovakia work as programmers. However, the current covid-19 pandemic could bring a change as home-office jobs become the only option to pursue a career for many. A profession in the IT industry offers the possibility to work safely from home whilst providing other attractive opportunities. The following article will take a closer look at the benefits a career in tech has for women and some factors of why women are still underrepresented in this industry.


More diverse work teams are proven to be more creative and communicative. For that reason, women do not only contribute to smarter work performances, but they also change the work climate positively by diversifying the existent ways of thinking.  


Women have an advantage in their ability to develop trusting relationships which help them to understand other female professionals and their occupational needs. This includes factors such as a good work-life balance and family-friendly conditions which, if addressed in the hiring process, could convince female candidates to become promising colleagues. 

Being a Role Model

As a woman in Tech, you are a role model for many others, even if you do not have a leadership position. With so many eyes looking up at you, accessibility into this branch is increased by women who are encouraged to take their chance and whose talent can be noticed.

Why are women still underrepresented?

Gender Pay Gap

One of the major inequalities between men and women in IT can be found by comparing the difference in their earnings, despite having the same employment characteristics. In addition to the gender wage gap, women also have a more limited chance of accessing certain professions that require specific education and training, as well as attaining leadership positions.

Confidence Gap

Entering a male-dominated industry as a woman can require lots of self-confidence, something that does not come naturally to all, making it difficult to compete with male colleagues. To deal with stress and criticism as part of a team, employees are expected to demonstrate strength and toughness. Women risk being measured against certain male-associated criteria, rather than being valued for their unique qualities. This can then lead to insecurities and a feeling of not being good enough. 

Ultimately, work cultures and the way job descriptions are formulated must change in order to be more inclusive for women, who must be able to identify with the job. In addition to gender-neutral language, selected characteristics such as communication and teamwork skills, should be emphasized. It is particularly important, in the field of IT, to overcome the stereotype of an analytical and purely rational profession by including female approaches. Women should be offered a family-friendly environment that recognizes their empathetic features, while being granted equal opportunities for advancement.

Written by, Clara Franziska Bachmann