Top Reasons Why Kids Should Learn Coding

Why Is It Important To Ensure That?

In our modern, rapidly growing world, filled with many distractions, the time has become one of the most important values. Therefore, choosing what to focus on and deciding where to put our efforts are crucial. Although the thought of teaching coding to children might seem too difficult and daunting at first, it is essential to realize the importance and benefits of it before paving the paths of our kids. The skill of coding stands out in the current world and prepares children for academic as well as personal successes. So why does coding outweigh other skills and extracurricular activities? Why should kids start coding from the early years?


Coding gives an outstanding opportunity for kids to bring their artistic skills and ideas to life, by creating truly interactive works. Even from the beginning, they can try and improve their creative skills by making animations, websites and video games through coding. Both the journey and the result of producing a digital artefact are filled with creativity. 


Simple programming projects are perfect problem-solving tasks for the young minds. They teach children how to break down compound problems into smaller and simpler ones, which is generally the most crucial and rewarding part of developing this skill. 


Establishing resilience might be one of the most important of all benefits, as it teaches a vital life skill. Through coding kids will learn how to cope with failures and understand that failing is not the end, moreover, it is a step towards the eventual success. Programming allows several solutions to be run and tried out quickly, which makes this process less frustrating and discouraging.  

Thinking differently

“Children must be thought how to think, not what to think” – Margaret Mead. Computer programming is not about teaching children how to type specific lines of codes, it is about educating them how to think outside of the box and develop logical and computational thinking.  

Prepares for the future

In this digital age, coding skills have almost become a necessity, as around 50% of the jobs require some kind of programming skills. Furthermore, it will inevitably be a more and more general part of our lives, therefore it is an excellent idea to get familiar with it from a young age.

Written By Antonia Dobos

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