Advantages of Recruitment Agencies 

Finding the right employee for an open position can be a difficult task, especially if you are short on time. Even if you have brilliant in-house HR staff, it might not be enough to reach the right candidates, particularly if you’re looking to hire for highly specialized or top positions. Let's look at the pros of using recruitment agencies:


1. High workload of HR specialists

In-house HR is responsible not only for hiring, but for many other things. Therefore, if the company does not have a recruitment department, it automatically falls on the shoulders of HR, who likely cannot devote their full attention to the matter. To relieve them, the employer can turn to recruitment agencies.


2. If you need to find a narrow-profile specialist

Recruitment agencies have a wide database of employees and candidates from various industries. Even if the specialist you need is employed, the agency will still be able to get into contact with him and make him an offer.


3. Multi-hiring

When you need to recruit many people at the same time, for example short-term projects or seasonal jobs, in-house HR managers may not have enough time or resources for this task. Yet recruitment agencies can and will help you to quickly fill these positions.


4. When you need to close a vacancy as soon as possible

Good recruitment agencies have years of deep industry expertise and large databases of candidates with information regarding their availability; so they can provide you with the first CVs in as little as 72 hours.


5. Lack of knowledge in the field of personnel search

When a company does not have a recruitment department, an HR manager may lack in-depth knowledge of where to search for candidates, how to reach them, and how to properly evaluate their CVs.


6. Money saving

At first glance, it seems that the services of recruitment agencies cost more than finding a candidate by yourself. But if you calculate the cost of posting a vacancy, the amount of time spent on recruitment, the price of access to resume databases, etc., everything turns out to be much more expensive.


According to statistics, small business owners spend about 40% of their time on tasks that do not bring them income, such as searching for candidates. In such situations, contacting a recruitment agency is the best solution.


 Advantages of External Recruitment


1. Top quality candidates

Highly qualified specialists do not place their CVs in the public domain, but rather directly apply to vacancies that interest them or send their resumes to recruitment agencies. These candidates do not want to spend time on irrelevant job offers.


If you need a high-level specialist, having access to specialized databases (as recruitment agencies do)is truly irreplaceable. This accumulated database of candidates is one of the main advantages of recruitment agencies.


2. Clients’ needs are the priority

For in-house HR, it is not a problem if a candidate they find isn’t a perfect and/or permanent fit. They cannot offer a guarantee. If a candidate sourced by a recruitment agency leaves during the probation period, the agency guarantees a fee-free replacement or a refund on part of the billed amount. This means that agencies are very invested in finding the right person for a role the first time; but if this does not happen, there are safeguards in place to ensure client satisfaction.


3. Faster hiring process

Clients receive the first candidate CVs usually within 72 hours after signing the contract to work with the recruitment agency. If you need a specialist for a more complex vacancy, the first candidates interviewed at the agency come to the employer in the first week to test their fit.


4. If you need short-term employees

Sometimes you need staff for a temporary project, or to strengthen a core team in the final release stages, or perhaps even certain permanent workers are absent due to parental leave or other reasons. Agencies help you to find the right people, in the right numbers, for the right period of time. In these cases, body leasing is the best solution for you.


5. Special methods of employee selection

When an employer places vacancies on job portals, he receives a high number of irrelevant CVs and loses a lot of time by going through them all. Without the help of special techniques and programs, it is impossible to consider all the responses without wasting a significant amount of time and resources. However, many businesses, especially small and medium ones, do not have access to these sorting aids.


Recruitment agencies use effective and proven techniques which make it much easier to evaluate candidates at the selection stage. Agencies also actively search their specialized databases, so that they can approach the specific candidates who fulfil the requirements of the client.


6. Closing of highly specific vacancies

It is almost impossible to find a recruiter with a good understanding of the motivation and personal qualities of sales managers, programmers, accountants, and top staff all at the same time. Yet at a recruitment firm, recruiters with competences and expertise in one or more of these areas work in a team to bring their knowledge together with synergistic results.


For example, IT is a very sophisticated and complex segment. Internal HR, which usually covers all positions in a company, might not have such a detailed understanding of technologies, and it might thus be difficult for them to find a candidate that fulfills the company’s requirements. An IT recruitment agency such as Synculario, on the other hand, has years of experience, as well as dedicated recruiters from the IT segment, so we can find the right profile in a short time. 


7. Confidentiality

In some cases, a client prefers to remain anonymous. Agency recruiters publish vacancies on job portals on behalf of the agency, and only communicate the company name and contacts to the specialists who pass the selection stages.


As you can see, the advantages of external recruitment are significant. It helps companies save time and money while obtaining top-quality specialists. Isn't that every employer’s dream?


Synculario is no ordinary recruitment agency; we are much more. We are building an international community of highly-skilled IT specialists, and connecting them with the companies that need their expertise. We offer our clients different services, in order to satisfy all their requirements. These services include: 


     Body leasing, 

     Team outsourcing, 

     & recruitment process outsourcing (RPO). 



When a company is searching for internal staff, we cover the overall process of identifying, attracting, screening, shortlisting, and interviewing suitable candidates for internal client vacancies.


Body leasing

This service is suitable for companies that already have experience in software development or testing, but require temporary support from one or more individual team members.


Team outsourcing

We have one of the best engineering and testing teams for successful tech companies and banks!


Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)

Internal recruitment teams may need help occasionally. We offer our clients experienced recruiters to support their internal teams.