Candidate Stories

Peter 's Story


“I applied for a vacancy posted on a job portal. Synculario, their client and I agreed pretty fast upon the conditions. Both parts (me and Synculario) were more than satisfied with the process. It is, actually, not my first experience with a recruitment agency, but it is the most pleasant one. I’ve been working on the project for almost a year, and I am content with the long-term cooperation. 

I am an introvert, so I highly appreciate a certain degree of intervention in the process of communication between a candidate and a client. I guess many people now prefer to communicate more often with their employers because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yet for me it was just perfect. 

I would definitely recommend Synculario to the candidates! I haven’t had any problem with the cooperation so far. "

Matej's Story


"When I started searching for a stable project during the pandemic, some projects I found on other sites looked promising. Unfortunately after a few days the companies would declare that the project didn’t work out and they needed to call everyone they made the agreement with, with the same announcement. Another source affirmed this sort of treatment, expressing that it wasn’t a nice way to say “we don’t want you”. I contacted  Matúš, a recruitment lead at Synculario, after I saw on  LinkedIn that his colleague had two projects for Angular 2+, and after contacting him, she even found another one. Eventually, I successfully acquired cooperation on an existing project without any complications.

The communication with Synculario was direct and open, as well as with their partners."

David's Story

PowerPlay Studio

"I got a call from Synculario based on an application for a tempting programmer position in a gaming studio. We set up a date for my interview quite quickly and talked about my experiences, expectations, and technical skills. I received a call the following week from PowerPlay Studio to let me know they were interested in me. We agreed on the conditions and set up my starting date. I was hired as a mid-level PHP programmer for a team that looks after events in our games. It turned out to be quite a ride. I had an opportunity to develop my idea - creating a tool for helping with the events. I started designing, analysing the code and programming the new tool.

I am glad that through Synculario's services, I am at PowerPlay Studio where I am gaining a level of seniority, and have space and support to develop myself."