Mid - senior Java developer

Bratislava, Slovakia

Job Description

Are you interested in aviation, and do you have experience working with Java? If you are looking for a new challenge in the form of the development of a new generation of aviation information management systems, then read on!

Salary: 2 000 - 3 000 € gross / month

Type of employment: TPP, ICO

Location: Bratislava, hybrid

Start date: ASAP/ Agreenment

Duration: 12 months

As Java Developer, your tasks will include:

  • Brand new and interesting project in the area of aviation
  • You will participate in the development of a new generation of management for aviation information systems (Aeronautical Information Management). The system will be unique in its class, meeting the most stringent requirements of aviation safety, reliability, usability (UX), and cyber security, as well as high performance and scalability
  • Several DevSecOps teams working together using the SAF method (Scaled Agile Framework) will participate in the development
  • For the first time in history, this system will have implemented mechanisms of artificial intelligence (A.I.) and machine learning
  • During the development, you can expect to use the most modern development tools, and architectural principles (cloud computing, microservices, micro frontends)

Project Description

  • INDRA Avitech makes AIM software that allows air traffic service providers to manage all information about the air infrastructure in a given country and further distribute it to air traffic participants. In more than 20 years, they have acquired customers from all over the world, including countries such as Germany, Norway, England, and Bahrain, and today they have customers on 4 continents. The original team of 4 has grown into a company with more than 65 employees. Despite the fact that the company has changed its CEO three times, it is still managed by Braňo Klčo, Michal Kadlec, and the team around them. Thanks to this, it has maintained its family atmosphere, focus on customers, and high product quality all the time. Their vision is to make AIM software the best in the world while maintaining the current flexibility and level of service. They had the opportunity to expand into other spheres, but they don’t want to. They rather prefer to make one product, but as best as possible!

What is great about this job?

  • You will have the opportunity to grow professionally and work in an interesting domain that involves people, a good working atmosphere, and interpersonal relations
  • They make sure that the candidates fit in personally, they choose their colleagues carefully so that they feel good with them, they go to/meet at teambuilding, hiking, and celebrations
  • Democratic functioning and participation in management connects the management and employees in regular meetings where anyone can bring up any topic
  • They emphasize information and transparency in communication, they regularly and openly talk about what is happening in the company (where they are doing well, where things need to be improved, and what awaits them), so each of them knows how the company is doing.
  • Regarding vacation within 10 days, there is no need for approval, they trust their employees, that they can assess it in the context of work duties
  • They are oriented towards results more than attendance, and what is essential (therefore, they have no problem with home office work, if you are attracted by office work, they offer the view of Bratislava from the 17th floor)


Up to 10 days without approval


Meet with colleagues on teambuilding, hiking, and celebrations 

Work atmosphere

Good working atmosphere and interpersonal relationships


No problem with home office work

Required skill-set for this position: 

  • Experience in working with Java for a minimum of 2 years
  • Knowledge of software development methodology and programming techniques
  • Technical knowledge (Java 11, Quarkus, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Git, Maven, Kafka, Kubernetes, Jenkins, Artifactory, Sonar, GitLab)
  • Teamwork (understanding of the importance of teamwork, interest in the opinion of your colleagues, listening and agreeing on solutions)
  • Good communication and argumentation skills (English B2)
  • Proactivity (know the goal and get the necessary information to achieve it)
  • Self-development is important for you
  • Honesty in communication – transparently inform about the obstacles on the way to the goal
English B2
Self-development and education
Proactivity and team spirit
Communication skills

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