React Developer

Bratislava, Slovakia

Job Description

You will participate in the development of a new generation system for the management of aviation information (Aeronautical Information Management). The system will be very unique in its class meeting the most stringent requirements of aviation safety, reliability, usability (UX), cyber security as well as high performance and scalability. Several DevSecOps teams working together using the SAFe method (Scaled Agile Framework) will participate in the development. For the first time in the history of aviation, the mechanisms of artificial intelligence (A.I.) and machine learning (machine learning) will be implemented in the system of this class.

Salary: up to 250€/MD (Medior/Senior candidates)

Type of employment: IČO

Location: Bratislava (1xmonth in the office required)

Start Date: Anytime

Duration: Unlimited

When developing Frontend, you will mainly use the following technologies:

• ReactJS
• TypeScript
• Redux, RxJS
• Unit tests (Is)

It will be the development of more complex single-page applications.

What pleases us professionally:

• Education in the field of software engineering
• You already have real experience with working on the Frontend and developing applications in ReactJS
• You know software development methodology and programming techniques
• Advantage of experience with Ant Design (, Storybook, Open API and other various development tools (NPM, Docker, K8s, GIT,...)

What pleases us personally:

• Teamwork (you understand the importance of teamwork, you are interested in the opinion of your colleagues, you can listen to it and agree on a solution)
• Proactivity (you know the goal and can get the necessary information to achieve it)
• Self-development is important to you
• Honesty in communication – you transparently inform about obstacles on the way to the goal

Brief about hiring company

The hiring company company has long been engaged in the planning, development, integration, supply and support of IT systems in the field of air traffic management.

They provide a wide range of products, within which it brings proven and innovative system solutions. The result of our work is to provide air traffic control with more time to make decisions and thus ensure the proper and efficient operation of these services. These systems thus ultimately contribute to the safety, precision and economy of the world of air transport.

English Language
Redux, RxJS
Unit tests (Is)

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