Recruitment Process Outsourcing allows a client to temporarily hire one of our internal senior recruiters, who are immediately available to help with or to cover the whole recruitment process of the client. This solution is suitable for clients in a pressing need to cover multi-hirings within a short period of time. Our senior recruiters are available to help you within 36 hours.

Specifics of RPO:
  •  The hired senior recruiter works full- (or part-) time, solely for the one client that hired him/her for a given time
  •  The client decides the period for which they need this service, as well as the recruiter's workload
  • The service offers huge time and money savings for a client, because the recruiter can be available to start within 36 hours and has a much shorter onboarding and offboarding than an internal hire

When is this solution most suitable?
  • In cases of a need to cover multi-hirings within a short period of time 
  •  In cases of an urgent need for an experienced recruiter, who can immediately start looking for suitable candidates for your project
  •  In any situation when unexpected recruitment difficulties come your way, and you need to solve them ASAP