Enjoying Our Work

Leads To Perfection

Synculario is a leading recruitment agency which operates on the market since 2018.

Enjoying Our Work 

Leads To Perfection 

Synculario is a leading recruitment agency which operates on the market since 2018.

Who we are

We assist IT professionals and clients in achieving goals through creating, managing, and scaling SMART solution teams for internal projects and providing expert support. Each project is an opportunity for mutual growth and success.

Our Vision

We thrive through close collaboration, skill development, and stimulating environments, valuing trust, growth, and support. As we rapidly expand, we embrace enthusiastic colleagues and celebrate innovation as our company's core.

Our Mission

Forge connections between talented pros and superb organizations! We're committed to fulfilling promises for IT experts and tech firms, propelling them towards excellence in their industries.

Our Team

Who we are

At our company, we strive to help both IT professionals and clients achieve their objectives. We specialize in building, overseeing, and expanding skilled teams for internal projects related to SMART solutions while assisting clients who need the right experts. We take each project as a chance to deliver outstanding results for our clients and take pride in going above and beyond to ensure their success.

Our vision

To do what we enjoy and to do it the best. Therefore, it is important for us to cooperate closely with both our internal and external clients. We help them systematically develop their skillset and support their engagement in stimulating conditions.

Good relationships, trust, personal growth, and mutual support are key to us. We are growing fast and looking forward to new colleagues who will share with us the enthusiasm for new technologies.

Innovations are fun, they are the DNA of our company. 

Our mission

Connect skilled professionals with great organizations! We strive to deliver what we promise to IT professionals and tech companies, helping them both to achieve the best possible standard in their field of work.

Our team 

Rastislav Brenčič

CEO & Founder


Miloš Radvanyi

Sales Director


Viktor Čillík

Business Development Manager


Nina Drabicová

IT Recruiter


Denisa Gromanova 

IT Recruiter


Richard Krupička

Head of Recruitment


Natália Jankovičová

IT Recruiter


Recep Onur Pilavci

IT Recruiter


Ivana Zimániová

IT Recruiter


Seda Karaarslan

IT Recruiter


Company culture

01/ Integrity

We keep our promises, even if it takes extra effort, consistently acting with honesty and transparency to encourage open communication between our clients and co-workers.

02/ Commitment

We work ethically, with a level of enthusiasm and responsibility for the goals, mission, and vision we have as an organization.

03/ Teamwork

We work hard to support each other equally, both inside and outside the company, valuing differences that help us to achieve results everyone can be proud of.

04/ Constant Improvement

We strive to keep learning and to improve all elements of our organization. We empower employees to solve problems, increasing the efficiency of their work processes.