About Us

We are a boutique recruitment agency. Our mission is to build a close-knit community of highly skilled, reputable IT specialists and connect them with companies in dire need of their expertise. We prefer quality over quantity, valuing strong and long-lasting relationships above all else. The absolute satisfaction of all parties involved is our top priority.

"Experienced recruiters, account management of high quality, and solid customer approach."
Peter Letanovsky, Director of Application Development at  Poštová banka

Our Vision

We aim to be an A-player in IT recruiting and outsourcing within Europe. We want to provide the best projects for our people, while cooperating with our customers to provide these projects. We want to become a stable partner for our customers in the IT market.

Our Mission

We want to be a long term, strategic partner of unique tech companies and IT professionals, with the goal to help them gain the best possible standard in their field of work. We are looking forward to syncing developers and clients together, so they can work hand in hand on the best possible IT projects.

Our Team

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Martin Jurček - Managing Director

Experienced manager with a strong background in leadership, business development, IT recruitment, and operations. His biggest passions are adventure sports, traveling, and yoga. Master´s Degree in Business Management.

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Rastislav Brenčič - Founder

Passionate IT entrepreneur with strong leadership skills, highly skilled manager, from corp environment, results-oriented, with an ultimate principle of "problem is always just an obstacle on our way to success"

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Matúš Strašifták - Acting Recruitment Team Lead

Skilled Technical Recruiter with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology industry, interested in the latest technologies in the field.

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Žaneta Škrobáková - Senior IT Recruiter

Passionate Recruiter in the area of IT with a strong focus on performance, delivery, and client satisfaction. Detail-oriented and friendly colleague.

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Ján Cabaj - Senior IT Recruiter

Experienced Recruitment Consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the human resources industry. Skilled in Leadership, Management, Customer Services, Customer Acquisition, Sales, and Strategic Planning.

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Mária Kubíková - Junior IT Recruiter & Internal Coach

A hard-working person with a specialization in psychology, willing to go an extra mile. Focused on hiring IT Specialists and experienced as an internal Couch too.

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Tatiana Marcinova-Humenikova - Junior IT Recruiter 

Reliable person, who loves good crime books and martial art. Still studying at the Academy of the Police force, focused on public law and administrative services. Always willing to help other people with a smile on her face and excited to learn new skills.

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Tomáš Baranec -  IT Recruiter

Recruiter with main focus on Information Technologies. Love to work with the people. Interested in Technologies, Trends and trying to gain skills in this area through communication with developers and courses. Master degree in Human Resources Management.

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Simona Vytykáčová - Marketing Guru

Currently doing Ph. D. in Psychology. Interested in marketing and social media. Caffeine in my veins, Synculario supportive environment, and skilled friendly people boost my creativity.

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Bianka Štullerová - Digital Lead & Internship Project Manager

An enthusiastic student with past international experiences, which helped her to be more open-minded and expand cultural horizons. Always ready for an upcoming challenge to improve and learn something new.    

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Peter Liska -  Business Development Manager

Former athlete and entrepreneur. He has lifelong experience in working with people. Focused on result delivery and customer satisfaction. His main goal is to build strong professional relationships. Passionate about business, IT and blockchain technologies.   

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Peter Paluš -  Business Development Manager

Business and technology enthusiast who loves sales, networking and reading interesting tweets. Coffee addicted.

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Štefan Záleš - Junior Sales Representative

A Service Economy student from UCL in Odense ready to grab every opportunity. At the moment he keeps improving his communication skills by studying languages and maintaining his mental clarity by hiking.  

Core principles


We keep our promises, even if it takes extra effort, consistently acting with honesty and transparency to encourage open communication between our clients and co-workers.


We work ethically, with a level of enthusiasm and responsibility for the goals, mission and vision we have as an organisation.


We work hard to support each other equally, both inside and outside the company, valuing differences which help us to achieve results everyone can be proud of.

Constant Improvement

We strive to keep learning, to improve all elements of our organisation. We empower employees to solve problems, increasing the efficiency of the their work processes.