About Us

We are a boutique recruitment agency. Our mission is to build a close-knit community of highly skilled, reputable IT specialists and connect them with companies in dire need of their expertise. We prefer quality over quantity, thus we value good and long-lasting relationships above all else, and the absolute satisfaction of all parties involved is our top priority.


We aim to be an A-player in IT recruiting and outsourcing within Europe. We want to provide the best projects for our people while cooperating with our customers to provide these projects. We want to become a stable partner for our customers in the IT market.


We want to be a long – term and strategic partner of unique tech companies and IT professionals with the goal to help them gain the best possible standard in their field of work. We are looking forward to syncing developers and clients together, so they can work hand in hand on the best possible IT projects.

Core principles

We go above and beyond to meet expectations

We aim to satisfy and go to great lengths to make everyone happy

We listen to our heart

We work ethically, pay attention to the feelings of others and are guided by a strong moral compass

  We work as a team

Both inside and outside our company, we build supportive, equal, and fair working relationships, which help us achieve results everyone can be proud of.

We grow and improve

We have a drive and a passion to keep learning and do better and better. We see every project as an opportunity for us to use our potential to the max level.