Internship Programmes

Our aim is to provide relevant opportunities and experience to international students in an extremely growing IT industry in several areas with the possibility of a remote job offer after the internship.  


What we offer to students:  
                      • Help with finding an accommodation

                      • Inspiring environment, consultations with experts from the field

                      • Informal work atmosphere, great and strong coffee, and friendly young colleagues

                      • Personal development and skills improvement 

                      • Team building and workshops on regular basis

                      Meet our current interns! 

                      Company team

                      Navruz Karimov

                      Recruitment Support  

                      Research and communications are two things Navruz is most passionate about. He takes a comprehensive approach to solve problems and constantly generate new ideas for business development. Hobbies are listening to American classic rock and reading books about macroeconomics.

                      Kristyna Hujnakova

                      Recruitment Support  

                      International Student from the Czech Republic, currently pursuing her bachelor´s degree in International Hospitality Management in Denmark. In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, creating and experiencing art and playing board games with her friends.

                      Zeynep Dinc 

                      HR Support  

                      Zeynep is a friendly and diligent undergraduate student of Business Administration and highly motivated to gain new experiences to improve and learn. She loves drawing, playing violin and doing puzzles. She also enjoys having international friendships and exchange culture.

                      Nicolas Maestroni   

                      SEO & Marketing Assistant  

                      Initially from France but some people say he is from the moon. Nicolas is studying in a Business School where he prepares a master in Marketing. Captivated and captivating, he likes learning new competences and takes opportunities when they come. He also appreciates cooking.

                      Pritam Roy

                      Web & SEO Strategist  

                      A determined digital marketing and leadership enthusiast who has strong verbal, written and analytical skills combined with a hardworking attitude and management ability. He is a single-minded perfectionist and believes if there something that he doesn't know, can learn.

                      Barbora Kozankova

                      B2B Marketing Coordinator  

                      Marketing and consumption graduate specializing in digital marketing. Chronic perfectionist. Loving to learn from others and when possible, inspire others in turn. Creative and analytical all in one.

                      Company team

                      Kacper Floryn

                      Social Media Coordinator  

                      A proactive student looking for opportunities for self-development. Digital Marketing and business enthusiast who is always ready for new challenges and making new personal contacts. Globetrotter and pet lover.

                      Amarachukwu Nwokedinobi

                      Web & SEO Strategist  

                       An innovative MBA graduate with experience in various roles across different industries, interested in digital marketing and data analytics. A fun person to be around, who could probably do most TikTok dance challenges.

                      Rano Egemberdieva 

                      Sales Support  

                      An international student from Kyrgyzstan, studying Bachelor's degree of Business Administration in Poland. But currently finishing Erasmus+ student exchange program in Budapest, Hungary. Her hobbies are playing on ukulele, jogging, practicing veganism and listening to Latino music.

                      Bermet Bedelbekova 

                      Creative Designer  

                      Highly skilled and results-oriented university student with solid academic preparation, who is interested in graphic design and recruitment, and loves to travel and discover new countries and cultures.

                      Ewa Zbieranek 

                      Graphic/Web Designer  

                      A creative soul, passionate about graphic design, architecture, music and photography. Loves to see live concerts, and believes that great music should be shared.

                      Veronika Ciferska 

                      Process Improvement Analyst  

                      Slovak student living in Denmark, studying Digital concept development at Zealand Academy. I am an open-minded and straightforward person, that is detail-orientated and a task-focused problem solver.

                      Betul Savran 

                      Graphic Designer  

                      Originally from Turkey, studying Graphic Design in Poland. Betul has 2 years of experience in graphic design as a freelancer. Outside of work, she enjoys watching movies and spending time with people.

                      Aliz Juhasz

                      HR & Sales Support  

                      Aliz is from Hungary, currently studying Bachelor's degree in International Hospitality Management in Denmark. She is constantly looking for new experiences in order to expand her knowledge. She loves to bake, travel, and learn about different cultures in her free time.

                      Sevde Rana Yigit

                      Social Media Graphic Designer  

                      Sevde is originally from Turkey and she is currently living in Poland, where she is doing her studies in Graphic Design. Apart from living in Poland, she also lives in Germany when she does not have classes. Her main hobbies are having a long nature walks with her friends and gaining new experiences.

                      Erika Ivnytska

                      Social Media & Marketing Assistant  

                      Erika completed tourism education, where she discovered new countries, cultures and nationalities. This helped her to destroy the boundaries in consciousness and be open to the world, people and always follow dreams, goals and build life in accordance with an inner desire.

                      Maria Ragkozina

                      Recruitment Support 

                      Maria is a graduate of economic school in Greece. She is passionate about travelling and exploring new countries. She never says no to a good movie with suspense and mystery, while eating popcorn. One of her hobbies is cooking, especially for family and friends.

                      Munier Adel

                      HR Support 

                      Munier is a committed and focused person that believes in goals and targets, hard work and team collaboration. Super positive and love helping and understanding others in all aspects possible. Easy to connect and always up for challenges.

                      Knarik Ohanyan

                      Digital Marketing Specialist 

                      Knarik is from Armenia and she is a student of MA Foreign language philologies at the University of Marburg, Germany. She was also an Erasmus exchange student at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Hungary. Her hobbies are traveling, discovering new places and getting to know new cultures.

                      Concetta Carotenuto 

                      Content Creator 

                      Concetta graduated in Communication science in Italy and she is a strong believer that it doesn't matter how old you are to take the opportunities of life! She is a traveler addicted, food lover and experiences’ collector.