Internship Programmes

Our aim is to provide relevant opportunities and experience to international students in an extremely growing IT industry in several areas with the possibility of a remote job offer after the internship.

  What we offer to students
  • Help with finding an accommodation

  • Inspiring environment, consultations with experts from the field

  • Informal work atmosphere, great and strong coffee, and friendly young colleagues

  • Personal development and skills improvement

  • Team building and workshops on regular basis

Meet our current interns!

Benjamin Hjelm

Web & SEO Strategist  

Building and improving, two fundamental things of a modern society, and two things Benjamin highly value. Having taken an interest in human psychology, he knows the key to a successful business is having a good work environment, and therefore always shows up to work with a smile.

Tatiana Canevet

Social Media Content Creator  

Tatiana, coming from France, is finishing her bachelor degree in Business. Eager to travel the world and meet every kind of people, she came to Synculario to work in an open company with multiple cultures. Not afraid of new experiences, she’s here to expand her knowledge in Marketing and Communication.

Sena Azimli

Graphic Designer 

Sena is from Turkey, doing her master's degree in Textile and Fashion Design. She is interested in all areas of visual design and wants to improve her skills. She loves traveling, meeting new cultures, and photography.

Jelimir Vlastici

Web & SEO Strategist  

Jelimir graduated from Aalborg University with a degree in International Marketing. He became part of the Synculario team to enhance hes skills and to assist the marketing department with in optimizing the website's content relevance. He is a team player and considers that the recipe for success is a mix of analytical with creative dexterity.

Maryam Rezapoor Nikroo

HR support  

Maryam is an International Management master's student in Austria. She is keen to learn and improve her marketing skills. She believes that strategy, creativity, and passion are all playing key roles in her job, and what better way to increase her creativity than to work in a multicultural environment? She frees her mind by running, playing the violin, and reading books.