Diverse Hiring in Tech Industry

Diverse hiring in the tech industry

The tech industry has been criticized for its lack of diversity for a long time, both in terms of ethnicity and gender. You may be wondering why diversity in tech is so important. Apart from moral reasons such as increased equality, a diverse workforce brings to the table different perspectives, and experiences, leading to more innovative solutions and better decision-making.  

According to the studies from Statista, only 21% of tech jobs are held by women, while ethnic minorities are holding an even lower number. This imbalance leads to not just a moral issue but could directly impact the company’s performance. Based on various research, a diverse workforce is more likely to outperform the homogenous one. 

What can a company do to improve its hiring process and promote diversity while doing so? 

Several practices can help, such as the implementation of blind resume reviews, increased outreach to underrepresented groups, or the offering of a supportive and inclusive workplace. By taking and implementing these steps into the hiring process, companies would be able to diversify their workforce but also improve employee satisfaction and engagement. 

There are many success stories from companies that implemented diverse hiring practices, the most notorious one being Intel Corporation. Their aim is to increase the number of women in technical roles to 40% by 2023, as well as increase the number of underrepresented minorities in leadership and senior roles. Another example is Accenture, which has a diversity and inclusion strategy, which helped increase the representation of women, people with disabilities, and ethnical minorities significantly. 

Subsequently, diverse hiring is vital for the tech industry. A homogeneous workforce limits a company's capacity to expand and prosper, whereas a diverse team brings a variety of perspectives and experiences to the table. Companies can take concrete steps to promote diversity and inclusion in their hiring practices, resulting in increased employee satisfaction and better business outcomes. Let us all work together to keep increasing diversity and inclusion in the technology sector!

Interview with Kristína Smitková and Zuzana Roubová
HR Specialists at Adastra.one