Girl Power in IT
The Future is Female: How Women are Reshaping the Tech Landscape

What do you think when you think about the future? Do you imagine a weekend in five stars hotel on Mars? A humanoid domestic robot that tidies up your flat and walks your dog? Pills of immortality you take every morning before teleportation to the office?

Sounds great! But we think about something more realistic: we dream about female python developers and data analysts, about women leading tech companies and start-ups on an equal footing with men. We believe women could make a huge contribution to IT professions, and a slowly but constantly increasing number of ladies working in tech confirms that.

Like many other things, gender inequality in tech jobs begins in school. The exact sciences are considered the men’s territory, so teachers usually do not encourage girls to study STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) subjects. Even though no scientific proof exists that women have fewer mathematical skills than men, this stereotype is very pervasive. Therefore, only 16% of females have suggested a tech career compared to 33% of males. But the number of women who have chosen a career in technology from the outset is frustrating; it is only 3%.