Impact of Social Media on Recruitment

The process of finding potential employees is changing due to the increasingly competitive job markets. Traditional recruiting relied on locating potential employees in a time-consuming and costly manner, making it inefficient in comparison to social recruiting tactics. 

However, companies now have the potential to open up new areas of talent by hiring through employee representatives and referrals using social media. As digital natives join the workforce and millennials move to leadership roles, employers will continue to use social media to find new talent. Social recruitment tactics are nowadays essential for attracting talented people as according to CareerArc already 97% of job seekers use social media when looking for a career change.

Social Media as a Recruitment Tool

Recruiters predict that social media recruiting will expand by 78% in the future. Several companies are already participating in social recruiting practices. Currently, 9 out of 10 companies use some form of social media to find and hire new employees. When companies use social recruitment methods right, they can spread their brand message across several social channels while also giving potential candidates a glimpse into their company culture.

The Use of Social Media in the Recruitment Process for Job Seekers

The general rule is to focus on one or two social media platforms for your job search, with LinkedIn being the primary one. You can let recruiters know you're interested in new job opportunities by changing your LinkedIn settings. If you identify the types of employment you're interested in and your preferred location, your profile will appear in search results when recruiters are looking for potential job candidates.

Building your network is essential, but when you invite someone to connect, LinkedIn automatically sends a generic message. You’ll be more likely to get a response if you send a personalized message. Additionally, you can also use social media to learn more about organizations you're interested in. Try using LinkedIn and Twitter to determine leaders in the companies that you are targeting.

If you’d like to spice things up and differentiate yourself from other candidates maybe, you can try to make a video CV and upload it directly to LinkedIn. They are usually one to three minutes long and during that time you should showcase your creativity, personality and demonstrate particular skills suitable for your desired job position.

Importance of Social Media Recruitment

Social media is no longer just for keeping in touch with relatives or keeping up with the latest influences. It has become an essential, although often overlooked job search tool by many potential applicants. Nowadays, the majority of firms insist that job searchers have a LinkedIn page regardless of whether you are a college graduate or an experienced professional looking for a job. So, don’t underestimate the power of social media and build your online presence to have an advantage over the other candidates and make your job search more effective.

Written by - Andrea Dzurillová   

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